MCT Board

Madison County Transit Board of Trustees
MCT is managed by a five-member Board of Trustees appointed by the Madison County Board. 

“The powers of local Mass Transit District shall repose in, and be exercised by, a Board of Trustees…” 

“5 trustees shall be appointed and trustees so appointed shall be: (1) a mayor of a municipality within the District; (2) a township supervisor from within the District, or if in a county without township supervisors, another mayor within the District; (3) the county board chairman in which the District was formed or such other county board member as he shall designate; and (4) 2 members of the general public.” (70 ILCS 3610/4) 

Current board members include: 

Ronald Jedda                                Chairman
Chris Guy                                       Vice Chair
Allen Adomite
Andy Economy
David Sherrill

The managing Director of MCT is: SJ Morrison

The mailing address for all of the individuals above is:

Madison County Transit
1 Transit Way
Pontoon Beach, IL 62040

(618) 797 7547 (fax) 

MCT Board Meetings
The MCT Board of Trustees meets on the last Thursday of every month at 8:30 a.m. (excluding federal holidays) at the MCT Administration Building, located at 1 Transit Way, Pontoon Beach, IL. Click here for directions to MCT.

FY 2024 Meeting Dates and Agendas

FY 2023 Meeting Dates and Agendas

FY 2022 Meeting Dates and Agendas

FY 2021 Meeting Dates and Agendas

FY 2020 Meeting Dates and Agendas

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   FY 2024 Board Packets

FY 2023 Board Packets
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