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Reports & Policies

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Bid Protest Procedure

The Madison County Mass Transit District will administer any protest initiated by a protesting party concerning its procurement actions in accordance with the following procedures.

1.  Submission of Protest. The protest must be filed (received) in writing by the District in accordance with the timing requirements set forth herein, and must include:

      • The name, address, phone number and e-mail address of the protestor;
      • The project name and solicitation number;
      • A statement of the grounds for the protest or appeal, along with any supporting documentation; and
      • A statement as to what relief is requested.

The written protest shall be directed to the District’s Managing Director with the word “Protest” clearly marked on the outside of the transmittal envelope. Protests should be submitted to: 
Madison County Transit
Attn: Managing Director
1 Transit Way
Pontoon Beach, IL. 62040

2. Pre-bid Protest. Any protest regarding a solicitation for a procurement must be filed a minimum of five (5) calendar days prior to the bid opening or proposal due date. Any protest filed after that date which raises issues regarding the solicitation will not be considered by the District. This type of protest may be based upon a) restrictive specifications, or b) the evaluation procedure, or c) the basis of award, or d) any claim that the solicitation documents or the solicitation process violates applicable Federal or State laws.

3. Pre-award Protest. All other protests made prior to award must be filed no later than five (5) calendar days after the protesting party knows or should have known the alleged basis of the protest.

4. Post-award Protest. Any protest regarding the award of the contract must be submitted no later than seven (7) calendar days after the date of award or after the earliest date that the protesting party should have known of the facts giving rise thereto. Any protest regarding the award of a contract filed after that date will not be considered by the District. Goods obtained or construction and/or services being performed under a protested contract will generally not be suspended pending the resolution of the protest.

The protesting party is required to furnish with its protest, at its sole expense, a Protest Bond in the amount of one thousand dollars ($1,000). The protest bond shall be in the form of a cashier’s check or certified check made payable to Madison County Mass Transit District. The protest bond shall serve as a guarantee of the validity and accuracy of the protest. If the protest is upheld, the bond shall be returned to the protesting party. If the protest is denied, the bond shall be used by the District to recover any administrative costs and damages incurred as a result of the protest and/or any resulting delay in the contracting for goods and services which were the subject of the bid.

5. District Response. A protest submitted in a timely manner shall be reviewed by the District’s Managing Director, who shall consider all facts, technical support, and justification submitted by the protesting party, and within a reasonable period render a written decision on behalf of the District as to the validity of the protest and the disposition thereof. The District’s Managing Director may request additional information from the protesting party to clarify or support its assertions, in which case such information shall be submitted by the protesting party within seven (7) calendar days following the Managing Director’s request.

6.  Request for Reconsideration. In the event that the protesting party disagrees with any decision of the District’s Managing Director, the protesting party may, within five (5) calendar days following receipt of such written decision, appeal the decision in writing to the Chairman of the District’s Board of Trustees. Such written notice of appeal shall include all documents and other information necessary to substantiate the appeal. The Chairman shall provide timely review of the appeal and transmit a written decision to the protesting party. This decision shall be considered final

7. Decisions by District. When a protest is filed prior to a bid opening, proposal due date or award of a contract, the bid opening, proposal due date or contract award may be postponed until the protest is resolved. The District has sole discretion to proceed with the procurement process prior to resolution of protest if the District determines that:

    • The District’s need for the goods or services is exigent; or
    • The protest appears vexatious or frivolous; or
    • Delivery or performance will be unduly delayed by failure to make the award promptly; or
    • Failure to make a prompt award will otherwise cause harm to District, FTA or other affected party.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

The Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 5 ILCS 140/1 provides the public the right to access government documents and records. The law provides that a person can ask a public body for a copy of, or inspection of its records on a specific subject and the public body must provide those records, unless there is an exemption in the statute that protects those records from disclosure (for example: records containing information concerning trade secrets or personal privacy).

How to Submit a FOIA Request

All requests for information must be submitted in writing to the attention of the FOIA Officer. Please include the following in your request:

  • Clearly describe the records being sought.
  • Indicate whether the request is for inspection of records, copies of records, or both.
  • Contact information. Please include a daytime telephone number so that we may contact you with any questions concerning your request.
  • If the request if for a commercial purpose it should be stated.

Requests may be submitted to the FOIA Officer via hand delivery, US Mail, fax or email. Hand delivered requests must be delivered during our regular business hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. All requests for information shall be directed to the FOIA Officer at:

Madison County Mass Transit District
Attn: Julie Repp, FOIA Officer
1 Transit Way
Pontoon Beach, IL 62040
Phone: (618) 797-4600
Fax: (618) 797-7547


Except when a fee is otherwise fixed by statute, MCT will charge the following rates for copies of requested records:

Type of DocumentFee
Black and white, letter or legal sized copies (50 pages or less)No charge
Black and white, letter or legal sized copies (after first 50 pages)$.15 per page
Oversized documents (larger than legal sized)Actual cost of reproduction
Color copiesActual cost of reproduction
Certification of a document$1.00/certification
Recording medium (e.g. disc, diskette, tape, or other medium)Actual cost of medium

Response Time
A response will be provided within 5 business days after the request is received, or within 21 business days if the request is for a commercial purpose, unless the time for response is extended as permitted by law